One of those moments.

I was watching Celebrity Fit Club with the wife and my son age 10. Just after Andy Fordham weigh in, my son turned round to me and said,”Dad I want you to loose weight”, Its not how he said it but the worried look in his young eyes and obvious concern.

First of all, I'm 14 Stone 8lb (94.15Kg) so not in Andy Fordham's league, but I do feel compelled to loose weight. I've have given up smoking for 7 years because of the kids so this should be easy :-)

The plan
  • Stop the late night snacks
  • Take the dog twice a day for a walk (currently only once)
  • Only three cups of tea a day (two sugars)
Not a big change, but a nice slow start. Not sure at this point what my end target is, but hope to loose a few pounds a week.


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