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Hylafax Gentoo way

I'm still running a Lotus Notes LFS Fax server on Windows Workgroup 3.1. I've hoped Year 2000 would kill it, I hoped the p75 32Mb IBM PC would have died by now. But yet its still working! Dam!

Well the time has come to decommission it. Of course open source alternative can be found in Hylafax.

I've built my test server on a Gentoo distribution (2.6.8 kernel) on a Eversham Voyager, Celeron 800Mhz & 128Mb Memory. Modem is a 3Com Courier V.Everything 56K.

Will do the move over Christmas, pending a security risk assessment.

Expect the micro "how-to" section soon.


I've been having a few graphics related problems, which turned out to be an intermittent GPU fan on my Nvidia TI-4200 Gainward card. Its out of warranty and no amount of cleaning would make it the fan reliable.

I was about to give up when found The Coolingshop, Vantec Iceberq 4 Pro VGA Cooling Kit. Its a direct replacement for my fan and heatsink. (Even has a blue light).

Ordered with free delivery and resurrected my TI-4200 within two days!