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KeePassX 2.0 On Redhat 6 / Cent OS 6 / OL6

I'm sure we all know the virtues of long, complex and unrememberable passwords and the need for a tool to store them. My favourite has been KeePass, with a shared database on a cloud drive.

KeePassX has long been around for native Linux support, but hasn't been compatibility with the KeePass 2 (Professional Edition) database format kdbx. Well the excellent authors have release KeePassX 2.0 which is a rewrite with kdbx support.  Currently only available as source code, the following instructions will help you to compile and install on Redhat 6/ CentOS 6 /Oracle Linux 6.

Required packages
$ sudo yum install cmake gcc-c++ qt-devel qt libgcrypt libgcrypt-devel libXtst libXtst-devel

NOTE* GIT version uses QT5 plus other packages.

Download source
$ wget
$ tar zxvf keepassx-2.0.tar.gz
$ cd keepassx-2.0

Create UNIX Makefiles

Solaris Leap second - Time well spent

Stayed on line for the extra second 01:00BST.

Glad to say all Solaris system good so far.

Solaris 11.2 Latest SRU - NTPv4 Slew mode
Jul  1 01:00:01 sol11-2 ntpd[659]: [ID 702911 daemon.notice] Positive leap second, expect slowdown slew soon. System clock will be inaccurate until it finishes.

Solaris 11.1 - NTPv4 Slew mode (bug doesn't handle leap second correctly)
Jul  1 01:00:00 sol11-1 ntpd[3459]: [ID 702911 daemon.notice] Inserting positive leap second.

Solaris 10 NTPv3 client in slew mode
Jul  1 01:01:48 sol10 xntpd[3183]: [ID 774427 daemon.notice] time reset (slew) -0.997015 s

Pocket full of caps!

Pocket full of LC Fibre dust caps, after all-nighter DC relocation and SAN build.