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25 years as an IT Professional.

25 years today I started work at WTL PLC. Then known as CEC, which was Data General and Wang broker. I came on board in 1989 at the start of the Unix technical workstation revolution, "Power to the Desktop". Along came Apollo's running Aegis/Domain OS and Sun MicroSystems Sun-3 range with SunOS 3. Installing and patching from QIC tape was the highlight of my day!

A lot of things have changed over the years in IT, which is itself is the catalyst that has kept me challenged, motivated and passionate about delivering solutions to customers.

As the longest serving employee at WTL I've seen a few people come and go, but the core people and values haven't. The technical team around me, are dedicated to the customers challenges and issues and continue to make my life easier. Equally the WTL sales team, driven commitment in finding outstanding projects, to which the WTL technical team can deliver the foremost technology with latest servers, storage, software and networks…