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S92A - Just be glad its them (NZ) and not you (UK)


P2V Slackware 11

P2V Slackware 11 2.4 Kernel 32bit

Slackware running on ESX 3.5u3

Needed media or ISO's
VMWARE - Convertor MediaSlackware 11 CD1
Or SLAX 4.2 -

Use the VMWARE Convertor CD to transfer the environment.
Use cold boot from CD


Change created VM machine settings to
Linux-32bitBusLogic SCSI controller (default)Add additional memory if required - recommended at-least 256Mb
Boot from Slackware CD media.
    Enter scsi module on LILO
    boot: scsi.s

Mount local root disk
$ mount /dev/<sda2> /mnt
$ cd /mnt/dev
$ ./MAKEDEV sda1
$ ./MAKEDEV sda2

Enter chrooted environment
$ chroot /mnt

Rebuild Slackware Kernel
As default kernel did have BusLogic support for me.

$  cd /usr/src/linux

Enable SCSI and BusLogic Support
Under SCSI/Advanced put a "*" next BusLogic kernel module
$ make menuconfig

Build images, took 45 minutes on 2.4Ghz CP 256MB Mem.
$ make bzIm…