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Best Ever Freeware

Your missingout on some quality software thats FREE. Check outs TechSupportAlert's "Best 46 Freeware software"

I use on Windows
OpenOffice, GiMP, Vim, Firefox, Thunderbird, Eraser, Notepad2, Cygwin, Clamwin, Keynote, Putty, WinSCP, TightVNC.

Feel need to blog something, with this time saving tip.

Do you like me want all the power for that windows application, latest game or LC5. So you kill all those services in the toolbar.

Download PSKill from Sysinternals and save in the system path.

Create a batch file (.bat) with your favourite editor (I use VIM).
This is mine below.

c: type pskill-all.bat
rem Kill batch File
rem option -t needed when process has children!

pskill.exe -t GoogleDesktop.e
pskill.exe nettime.exe
pskill.exe eraser.exe
pskill.exe pageant.exe
pskill.exe firefox.exe
pskill.exe soffice.exe
pskill.exe ClamTray.exe
pskill.exe justshed.exe
pskill.exe realsched.exe
pskill.exe PccNTMon.exe