Can you use Solaris wanboot to boot a system into single user mode?

Can you use Solaris wanboot to boot a system into single user mode?

Google or Sun Docs didn't have the definitive answer for me.

Answer is YES

T5240, No Keyboard
Copyright 2010 Sun Microsystems, Inc.  All rights reserved.
OpenBoot 4.30.7, 8192 MB memory available, Serial #xxxxxx.
Ethernet address 0:ff:ff:ff:f:ff, Host ID: 8xxxxxx.

{0} ok

{0} ok setenv network-boot-arguments host-ip=,router-ip=,subnet-mask=,hostname=hostname-gd,file=
network-boot-arguments =  host-ip=,router-ip=,subnet-mask=,hostname=hostname-gd,file=
{0} ok boot net -s
Boot device: /virtual-devices@100/channel-devices@200/network@0  File and args: -s

Wed Sep 15 14:04:06 wanboot info: WAN boot messages->
SunOS Release 5.10 Version Generic_141444-09 64-bit
Copyright 1983-2009 Sun Microsystems, Inc.  All rights reserved.
Use is subject to license terms.
Booting to milestone "milestone/single-user:default".
Configuring devices.
Network interface was configured manually.
Requesting System Maintenance Mode
# ls /dev/dsk
c0d0s0  c0d0s1  c0d0s2  c0d0s3  c0d0s4  c0d0s5  c0d0s6  c0d0s7
# mount /dev/dsk/c0d0s0 /a
# ls /a
bin         etc         lost+found  proc        tmp
boot        export      mnt         root        usr
dev         kernel      opt         sbin        var
devices     lib         platform    system

The Jumpstart/Wanboot environment was created using Sun JET with the wanboot module.

apaton@jedi:~ $ pkginfo -l JetWanBoot
   PKGINST:  JetWanBoot
      NAME:  JET WanBoot support
  CATEGORY:  application
      ARCH:  sparc
   VERSION:  1.3.2
   BASEDIR:  /opt/SUNWjet
    VENDOR:  Sun Microsystems
    PSTAMP:  ceng20100122090411
  INSTDATE:  Jun 19 2010 13:06
    STATUS:  completely installed
     FILES:       29 installed pathnames
                   5 shared pathnames
                   7 directories
                  20 executables
                 115 blocks used (approx)


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