Junk mail with free USB pendrive loaded with malware

I've got to worry about this attack. My MD was sent a USB pendrive in a box with corporate literature from "Tune-into-it.com". Unusually :-D the literature didn't express what Tune-into-it.com does, so my MD trashed the literature and kept the pen drive for later viewing. Today he viewed the USB pendrive and instantly the Trend Anti Virus found

Now what worries me is was either a,
  • A targeted attack aimed my MD.
  • A attack against my company.
  • or a mass junkmail attack.
  • Or Tune-into-it.com is vaild company and have unfortunately been infected with a virus.
Either way it was well funded with glossy corporate literature, USB pendrive with Tune-into-it.com printed on it and sent in the post!. Check their website, it looks professional but doesn't tell you what they actually do!

Unfortunately I didn't get to the pendrive before it was formatted and blanked by a colleague. Just goes to prove that my Firewall and AntiVirus mail filter doesn't catch everything, just sent it in the post and ask the MD to run it! Simple! . I'm pretty sure I would have probably done the same thing, so be warned!



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