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Xen & VxVM

The guys over at XenSource have pulled a master stoke, they have announced they will be integrating VxVM & VxFS into their Enterprise product. I'm a VMWARE VCP and it always amazed me that the VMWARE ESX didn't support fibre multipathing with load balancing. I've always taken multipathing for granted with Veritas (Symantec) VxVM DMP (a must with Photons) and latter MPXIO in Solaris.

I'm sure VMWARE will add EMC PowerPath soon to push along those CLARiiON.

Remember you can get Veritas Volume manager for free, check this blog post.

Mug of VI

Mug of VI, what every PFY should drink from.

Available from

NFS Server on Windows setup guide

Created a simple guide for all on setting up Microsoft Windows SFU (Services For UNIX) - NFS Server.
Note: it doesn't cover user mapping.

small problem seting up jumpstart

I have a central jumpstart server delivering Solaris 8 , 9 & 10 to the engineering workshop. Its recently been upgraded from an Ultra 2 to a V20z running Solaris 10 x86.

A colleague came over a problem with the Solaris 8 add_install_client, producing adb errors. On closer observation the add_install_client incorrectly parses output from the ifconfig command, but only when zones are running. ifconfig list which zone owns the interface and this what Solaris 8 add_install_client script fails to cope with.

Workaround, make the following changes in blue at line number 1939 to add_install_client
read inet ipaddr netmask mask broadcast broadaddr
if [ "${ifname}" = "lo0:" ]; then
if [ "$inet" = "zone" ]; then
# Found an interface dedicated to a local zone.
# Read in the real "inet" line and continue.
read inet ipaddr netmask mask broadcast broadaddr

Junk mail with free USB pendrive loaded with malware

I've got to worry about this attack. My MD was sent a USB pendrive in a box with corporate literature from "". Unusually :-D the literature didn't express what does, so my MD trashed the literature and kept the pen drive for later viewing. Today he viewed the USB pendrive and instantly the Trend Anti Virus found
TROJ_SMALL.EAK in "AutoSvr.exe"PE_Chir.B in "IT Newsletter PC.exe"

Now what worries me is was either a,
A targeted attack aimed my MD.A attack against my company.
or a mass junkmail attack.Or is vaild company and have unfortunately been infected with a virus.
Either way it was well funded with glossy corporate literature, USB pendrive with printed on it and sent in the post!. Check their website, it looks professional but doesn't tell you what they actually do!

Unfortunately I didn't get to the pendrive before it was formatted and blanked by a colleague. Just goes t…