2005 reading list

Books not read,

I always have best intentions, but never the time to read books.

List of currently unread books on my shelf, in no particular order.

IT List
  • Stealing the network "How to own a Continent"
  • The Art of Deception - Kevin Mitnik
  • Security Assessment
  • Hackers - Steven Levy
  • Security Warrior
  • Redhat Linux Firewalls
  • Teach yourself game programming
  • Linix, LPI Certification

Non - IT
  • Digital Fortress - Dan Brown
  • The Blue Nowhere - Jefffery Deaver
  • Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrrell - Susanna Clarke
Books I have read in 2004, that I can remember!
  • Masters of Deception, The gang that ruled cyberspace
  • Stealing the network "How to own the box"
  • SSH, The definitive guide
  • The Code book, Simon Singh
  • The Da Vinci Code - Dan Brown


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